Space Productions is your one-stop shop for anything relating to broadcast, content creation, and event production.

With strong roots in online leagues and collegiate esports, we strive to create quality productions, engage with community, and make your event as memorable as possible.


Broadcast Production - Sit back as we create content for your brand streamed on popular video platforms like Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook.

Influencer Marketing - Allow us to integrate your network to boost viewership and create unforgettable experiences.

Shoulder Content - Alongside our main production, we can work with you to create sponsored content, interview, event recaps, and more.

College Outreach - Activate within the collegiate esports scene with our network of dozens of passionate student groups and varsity programs.

Talent Management - Let us connect you with our wide network of streamers, content creators, and influencers.

Tournament Administration - Our staff are experienced in running multiple online leagues, events, and tournaments.

Graphic Design - Whether you need banners, overlays, profile pictures, or promotional materials - we do it all.

Community Management - Breaking into esports can be rough, let us help bridge the gap.

Social Media Management - focus on the future of online content through memes and viral content.

Our Partners

Spacestation Gaming - Professional esports organization based out of Utah with a wide variety of teams and forward thinking content creation.

Geex - The premiere collegiate esports tournament platform paving a way for the future of intramural esports

Moonwalk Marketing - The future of marketing lies with influencers. Moonwalk Marketing manages talent, influencers, and streamers.

The Team

Sam “Tiki” Morris - Blizzard, Tespa, Twitch, and Co-Founder of PACG and Utah Esports, the first power five varsity esports program. Graphic Design, Tournament Administration, and Live Broadcast and Production.

Liam “Swindle” Koenneker - Lead Tournament Admin

Jarom “Solar” Norris - Head Producer for Space Productions.

Jack “Verttex” Callahan - Head of Community and Outreach. Co-Founder of PACG and President of CU Gaming. Community development, social media growth, marketing strategy, and public relations.

Timur “CD6” Yafunyaev - Stats, backend data management, and systems designer.

Jake “Superman” Morey - Head of Talent and Narratives.

Past Events & Productions

Pacific Alliance of Collegiate Gamers (PACG) - For Students By Students. An esports league modeled after the PAC-12. 350,000 Total Views over 8 weeks with a peak of 4.1k concurrent viewers.

Dreamhack Mainstage - Dreamhack Denver, Atlanta, Austin, Montreal.

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) - 8 Week Series over the Fall LCS academy Split followed by another 8 Week Series over the Spring LCS Academy Split.

Salt Lake Gaming Con - Managed three stages, 10 Tournaments, and an invitational event.

Collegiate Rainbow Six - Two Seasons with bi-weekly broadcasts with over 100 universities.

Collegiate Battlegrounds Association - Four seasons of Collegiate PUBG with bi-weekly broadcasts and 4 leagues.

Apex Collegiate Esports Series - Quickly grew a community riding off of the hype and excitement

Utah Esports - Produced Content around their League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone and Rocket League Teams to showcase their skills and their weekly games.